In a world where humans and beasts live in tandem, beastmen are meant to serve humans and are viewed as second-class citizens. This manga explores the climaxing point in a relationship where a master has fallen in love with his servant, and where the servant has been obsessed the entire time. The majority of the manga offers a no distractions approach where most of the reading is between the two main characters. You will also see some animalistic sections on how beastmen view the world and how they mate.


REIJI - The Compassionate Master is a blond soft boy who lives in his family's wealth. He appears to hold no job and spends most of his days with his wolfman servant Tsubaki. From when they first met as children, Reiji has always wanted more for Tsubaki, going as far to let Tsubaki study his classes with him which is not allowed for normal beastmen.

TSUBAKI - The Beastman Servant is always around Reiji, catering to whatever he needs. Making his food and tea, washing his clothes, and carrying him to bed when he gets to tired. Tsubaki is a strong wolfman who is often holding back his true strength... and desires. In the work, you see him grow from a dedicated servant to a strong wolfman who knows what he wants in life.

I vote yes! The art is very well done and you can see great detail in the nude scenes with anatomy. While the premise might be cliche, a master/servant love story that is a little too much like endendured servitude, the relationship and compassion Reiji sees in Tsubaki is true and honest. There are many sectiosn that go into if their love can be real, and the two of them figure it out together how they watn to live, not how other people say they should.

This manga checked a few boxes for me: furry-ish character, main focus on two lovers, and several 18+ sections in the books chapters. The art is super cute too and I can't decide if I would want to be Reiji or Tsubaki more!


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