What starred out as a delivery boy with an instant crush on a resident has turned into a mutual attraction where the two try to discover what they enjoy about eachother. From first dates, first Pride, and hopefully soon, a first kiss, you get to enjoy two furry boys turn a crush into a developing relationship.


SKY - The Delivery Rabbit is a gamer who stays up late and eats junk food. He gets nervous around the guy he likes, but with his friends, he always takes a challenge head on.

LEON - The Firefighter Wolf is a stoic guy who likes old records on vinyl. He is buff from working out at the fire department and while he doesn't say much, we know he has a thing for Sky based on how far he is willing to go to see him whenever he can.


ABSOLUTELY! And it is free so what are you waiting for? Two cute furry boys exploring new crush feelings with each other while their coworkers and friends watch and root for them? I would even take it a step further and subscribe to the Patreon like I do, the bonus 18+ art is defintely a plus, but supporting this comic so we can have free queer furry art for the public is priceless. Click here to check out the comic on Webtoon!