Kazuto Muronoi runs a little coffee shop that his dad owns across the street from a college. One of his regulars, Jun, has gotten Kazuto's attention. Kazuto can feel the shy Jun's gaze while he works, but when he is about to ask if he wants more, Jun reveals he has an interest in a female cafe worker! This is a manga full of misread signals, with Kazuto's best friend even getting in on the drama.


KAZUTO - The Boss Barista is a hardworking guy who doesn't really seem to have much time for a love life. When he notices a guy in has cafe watching him and darting his eyes away when he catches him, Kazuto starts to wonder if the cute customer could be his type. His best friend seems to think nothing of it, seems to find it very annoying in fact.

JUN - The Shy Student is a simple guy that goes to school at the university near the cafe. He does his homework there when it is slow, apparently it is in hopes he can talk to a certain barista without anything to keep them too busy from getting to know each other.

FYI: Katakoi means one-sided love. Not sure where the lamp comes in. To be as honest as possible to the quesiton asked, no. While the art is well done and the writing doesn't rely on too many bad BL tropes, it is just a boring read at the end of the day. I have read fan ficiton that has been more engaging or at least more amusing from the novice writing.

There is really not much to say on this one. The manga only takes us to a few locations: the cafe, the aquarium, and the apartments. We never see the college where Jun studies, and we don't see any other interactions between characters except the main 4. The art was good enough to read it all through, but even if the art is good, the writing is not dramatic nor sappy enough to gage more interest. I have tons of manga on my shelf to get to, and I think this one might be the least ranked at the end of my readings. There is just better stories out there for BL.

Kyohei Azumi has three published works in English, one has a wolfman! I plan to check that one out next and will review it when I get my paws on it!