Pride Icons 2023

Happy Pride Month! To celebrate, I created 5 pages of icons designed around PRIDE! I did these all within a week and was shocked on how quick I could come up with ideas. I do not love all of them, but this makes me even more excited to make more next year! Let me walk you through my designs so you know the lore behind their creation.

2 Clocks is based on an artwork by Félix González-Torres. The work has many meanings, but the one that stuck with me the most is two heart falling in love at the same time, growing apart at times, and one eventually stopping before the other. The piece covers love, death, and is a symbol for the beating heart. Such a simple work, but the meaning, so deep.

Heart Poster is based on drawings by Keith Haring in my doodle furry style. I use this one for my phone's Gallery app.

N Cube is the logo for the app Notion, which is normally black and white, so I made it striped with a rainbow N to look like the Ally Flag.

Camera is just a doodle camera colored like the Pansexual flag.

Gay USA I use for my Maps icon, and is based on the book cover for Our Gay History in Fifty States. I have actually attended a webinar with the author speaking on his process writing this book!

Pin Pad is the phone dial pad colored like the Progress Pride flag.

Globe is based on the globe art common in Haring's artwork.

Play Button is the two primary colors from the Community Lesbian Pride Flag.

Name Tag is a play on pronoun pins and how we use labels in the community. Also, colored like the Genderqueer Flag

PrEP is the life-saving medication used to prevent HIV infection.

Gay Cash is based on a protest campaign that was done to raise awareness of how impactful the gay community is economically.

MLM Symbol is the icon for gay males, g males, I use it for my Gmail app!

T done in the style of the Transgender Pride Flag, used for Tumblr.

I done in the style of the Intersex Pride Flag, used for Instagram.

TV Head is based on Haring's work that often had TV's and TV-Headed figures. This is probably my favorite motif in his work.

X done to remind me of apps I shouldn't ever open, every gay has them.

Horned D done in the style of the Drag Pride Flag, and made to mimic the Discord logo.

Snake is based on Haring's workwhich often had snakes.

Dead Lizard is my doodle furry style and based on Haring tropes.

Ice Cream done in the style of the Bisexual Pride Flag.

Peach done in the style of the Community Lesbian Pride Flag

Speech Bubbles is gay slang and colored with the Asexual Pride Flag to represent my Ace friend that I text constantly.

Books is done in the style of the Non-Binary Pride Flag.

Hola done in the style of the Intersex Pride Flag and is showing intersectional langauge.

Demisexual Flag is self-titled.

Calculator done in the style of the Polyamory Pride Flag.

Star Button based on Steven Universe, which was a very queer show, but I never watched it and added it to my blocked tags on Tumblr since the fandom was annoying.

FCK JKR is based on the anti-Anita Bryant buttons and wow I wish JKR would shut the fck up.

Wrath is a reminder that if we don't get to be proud, you will feel our wrath :).

All these drawings were made in Samsung Notes, with the draw tools, using my finger, and on a crusty screen protector.