A sparrow and a snake have a fateful encounter which causes the sparrow to rethink his judegment of his species' natural predator. Navigating fear and love is easy for either of them! The reader also gets insight into how both bird and snake colonies operate in this part-beast, part-human world.


anthropophilic | chimera | fantasy | r-18


Komazu - a happy-go-lucky sparrow who is often caught in precarious situations. He is a lovable naive bird who loves his serious family

Shirato - a sophisticated but sensitive snake who tries his best to defy mother nature's plans. He is a caretaker of many sorts, and finds enjoyment in his sparrow friend.


Has a few good scenes with the couple exploring each other. The main focus is on them discovering each other's unique animal-like anatomy and how it can work together as both males and opposite species.


This book sat on my desk for awhile and I just love to cover art. The art in the book is fantastic and definitely made an impression on me. I will be looking forward to more works by Nna Natsuo and hope they continue writing with chimeras as a focus. The book expanded my inventory and awareness of devouring as a motif for love, and I think I will even give it a second read after awhile.


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